Cork Flooring: Why Put This Eco-Friendly Option In Your Home

When you think of cork, flooring isn't likely the first thing that comes to mind. Cork flooring is an economically friendly alternative to other types of flooring materials due to the fact that's natural, sustainable, and easy to replace in nature. There are other benefits of cork flooring that you can enjoy in the home once you learn more about this natural flooring solution.

Here are reasons to install cork flooring in the home. You will find that this type of floor works well in several rooms of your home.

Cork flooring is affordable

Depending on the thickness and durability of your cork flooring, you can buy this type of floor and not spend a lot of money. Cork flooring, in general, can be similar in cost to bamboo flooring, which is another environmentally friendly flooring product.

Expect to pay around $2 to $5 per cork floor tile, with an additional cost for installation. If you buy untreated or non-sealed cork floor tiles, they will be cheaper, but you will have to seal them on your own. You can buy cork materials from your local cork flooring retailer or even buy cork flooring online.

Cork flooring is versatile

Cork flooring is ideal in any room of the house where you want comfort and support. For this reason, it's not uncommon to see cork floors in a nursery, game room, workout area, or other part of the home where comfortable and shock-absorbing flooring is necessary. Cork is also a great material to use in rooms where sound-proofing is a necessity, such as home offices, garages, study rooms, and more.

Cork flooring can be applied to the floors in single tiles that you glue down, or they can be put on the walls in the same fashion where you need them. Cork floors will last a long time if you take care of them properly and have them professionally installed.

Cork flooring is beautiful

Cork floors don't have to be installed in their original fashion if you want them to look more like hardwood. Cork flooring can be put between hardwood planks for a more solid hardwood finish without the hardwood cost. Pick a budget and start shopping for the cork flooring that will meet your needs best.

Your cork flooring retailer will help you pick the best cork floors for your needs. Measure your living space before picking any cork floor tiles out so you can ensure you buy the right amount of cork flooring materials for your project.

To learn more, contact a cork flooring retailer.

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