Choosing French White Oak Flooring For Your Home

Once you have made the decision to install hardwood flooring, you will then have to decide on a type of hardwood. While you may have originally thought all hardwood flooring was the same, there are many different types that are available. In particular, many homeowners may find that they enjoy the appearance of French white oak flooring.

Will White Oak Be A Good Option For High-Traffic Areas?

While white oak flooring can help to give your home a unique and stylish appearance, you may assume that it will be ill-suited to the type of wear that high-traffic areas can experience. In reality, oak flooring is among the most durable types of hardwood that you can use. White oak flooring will be extremely dense, which can allow it to withstand the foot traffic that even the busiest areas of your home can expect.

Is French White Oak Flooring Pure White?

Homeowners may assume the French white oak flooring will be pure white. This type of flooring can have a fairly wide variation in its colors. For example, some of these flooring options can be nearly pure white, while others will be a light shade of brown. To give yourself a better idea of what these flooring materials will look like, you can request samples so that you can see these colors in person and how they will look inside your home. It is also important to note that there will be some variation in the individual planks of flooring due to the wood being a natural material. However, this can give white oak a pleasing aesthetic by providing gentle variation.

Is White Oak Flooring Hard To Keep Clean?

The lighter color of white oak flooring will make it especially important to regularly clean the flooring. However, this will not be any different from caring for other types of hardwood flooring. Sweeping will be the most routine type of care that the floors will need, and this is particularly important for white oak flooring. When sweeping the floors, a microfiber duster should be used. Standard brooms will have bristles that are stiff enough to scratch the floor. If there are materials on the floor that are not being removed with basic dusting, you should avoid putting water directly on the floor. Rather, you should only use cleaning solutions that are designed for use on hardwood floors. These are typically oil-based, which can help them to remove stubborn grime while moisturizing the wood.

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