Getting Rid Of Carpet For Refinished Hardwood? Be Sure To Do The Following Prep Work

Do you have old carpeting in your building that is covering beautiful hardwood floors? If so, you're likely considering if you should ditch the carpeting and refinish the wood underneath it. Here are some tips for prepping your hardwood for refinishing.

Remove All The Furniture

Start by emptying the room of all furniture so that it is completely empty. If you have a spare room that is not in use, be prepared to move as many things in it as possible so that the room is completely clear. If you're lacking space, you'll need to plan to have the hardwood floors refinished in sections.

Cut The Carpeting Into Strips

You'll need to get rid of that old carpeting, but just ripping it out haphazardly is the wrong way to go about doing it. It will help to cut the carpeting so that it is in manageable strips that are a lot easier to remove from the building. Use a knife to cut the carpeting into strips that are only a few feet wide, and then roll those strips up into a small roll. Use duct tape to secure the carpeting together so that it does not accidentally unroll. These are not the perfect size for putting into a dumpster or leaving on the curb for trash pickup.

Remove All Nails and Staples

Chances are that there are nails and staples stuck in the floor from the old carpeting. You'll need to remove all of these nails and staples for the sanding equipment to refinish the surface of the floor. If not, the pad on the bottom of the sanding equipment can easily be torn up as a result. You'll also need to remove all of the tack strips around the border of the room that were used to hold the carpeting in place.

The larger nails in the tack strips can leave some big holes in the floor. Now is a good time to fill in the holes so that it the new floor will look as good as possible after sanding. 

Turn Off The HVAC System And Cover Vents

It is a good idea to shut down the HVAC system and cover the air vents in the room where the sanding will be done. This will prevent dust from getting into the ductwork and affecting the air quality when the HVAC system is running. You can cut plastic that fits over the vents and use tape to hold it in place. 

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