How to Care for Concrete Floor Tiles

Known for their strength and durability, concrete tiles are a popular choice for home flooring. Not only are concrete floor tiles long-lasting, but they're also easy to care for and maintain. They're also versatile and can coordinate to match any room in your house.

Although concrete tiles are available in the typical square shape, you can also have them custom-designed to match your specific decor style. For instance, you can find the tiles in shapes such as rectangles, hexagons, and even octagons. You can also opt to have the tiles laid in a pattern using one or more shapes. Smaller concrete tiles can also be embedded into larger ones to create one-of-a-kind looks. 

Grey may be the first color that comes to mind when people think of concrete tiles, but the flooring is actually available in a wide range of hues to match any decor scheme. Concrete floor tile colors range from rustic earth tones of brown, tan, and orange, to sleek black and white.

Once your new concrete floor tiles are installed, here are some ways you can keep them looking their best:

Daily Maintenance

First, to avoid tracking in small pieces of debris such as stones onto the tiles, take your shoes off at the door or place rugs at each entranceway to catch the potential offenders. Hard rocks and other items can scratch the tiles or cause pits or dents. 

Second, sweep the concrete tiles with a broom and dustpan every day to clean up any debris that got tracked in. Sweeping will also remove any food particles, keeping the floors sanitary. If you spill food or liquid on the tiles, clean the mess up as soon as possible using a soft, absorbent cloth and a spray cleaner recommended for use on concrete. This is especially important if the spilled liquid can stain, such as grease or red wine. 

Weekly or Bi-Weekly Maintenance

Depending on how much foot traffic your home has, mop the concrete tiles on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis to deep clean them. Using a mixture of warm water and a pH-neutral liquid soap, clean the floors with a sponge mop. Go over the tiles one or two at a time, concentrating on any especially dirty areas. Allow the flooring to air-dry.

Avoid using any abrasive items, such as acid- or bleach-based cleaners or steel wool, on the concrete. 

For more information, contact a concrete floor tile provider.

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