Common Area Concerns: Maintaining A High Traffic Area In A College Dorm

One of the most challenging things about keeping a college dorm looking great is to make sure that the common areas are designed well. These are the high traffic areas where lots of students will tend to congregate and hang out and, therefore, the furniture needs to be in great shape. You cannot rely on the kids themselves to take care of the area, even if you have instituted rules concerning picking up after themselves. You do not want to worry about having a dirty looking common area, especially if it's one of the main places where people come during tours of the college. It's not a great look to have prospective parents see a dingy looking main room, so you should want to have it in the best shape possible.

College Flooring Solutions 

The biggest issue that you will face is proper school flooring. You want something that looks nice but is also durable enough so that it will stand up to high impact. The students will be walking around the room day and night, so you want to make sure that the floor is something that won't age. Most colleges use a floor combination of a material (high impact linoleum, or an Eco-friendly option) and rugs that are resistant to high wear and tear. The material flooring can be designed to mimic tiles, or be designed with cool geometric patterns.

Scuff-Resistant Tables

You will also want to make sure to install scuff-resistant tables. Kids are rough, and you don't want them to drop a can of soda, or some other object on a table and have it chip or get scratched. These minor scratches can add up over time and make the area look really poor over time. So, what you want to do is get a table that is both fancy looking as well as durable. You might be able to find these tables at the stores that handle the college flooring options if you want ones that will match well with the look of the store.

Stain-Resistant Furniture

Finally, you want to make sure that whatever furniture you get, you get some that are resistant to stains. The last thing you want to see when you walk into the common area are a bunch of ugly-looking couches that are covered in stains, sodas spill, and a lot of greasy food. So, make sure that if you're getting couches, they are all treated with the most serious stain guard

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