Keeping Your Horse's Stall Clean

Whether it is a cat, dog, bird, or any other domesticated critter, Americans love their animals. It's also extremely important to them they are cared for properly, having a healthy life for their time on earth. Horses are no different and making sure they have a safe and clean stall is key to a long and happy life. Here is what you need to know.

A Clean Stall Is In Everyone's Best Interest

A dirty stall that isn't mucked out on a regular basis is not only an eyesore, it is a potential health hazard. If people see an unsanitary stall, you also run the risk of the authorities being called and your animals taken away if they are determined to be living in unfit conditions.

Horses that aren't given clean bedding regularly run the risk of developing respiratory ailments. Hay that becomes soiled by urine will become moldy, and the mold spores will be inhaled. It is also bad for their hooves to be standing in wet bedding. They can develop a yeast or fungal infection that can be very difficult to get rid of. They can also develop digestion problems if their water becomes contaminated with fecal matter.

Choose A Good Flooring Surface

Concrete is a common flooring, but it isn't a very good choice. Yes, they can be easily washed down, but they are cold and tend to stay wet. This can be especially bad in the winter or cold climates, and your horses won't be comfortable. Additionally, urine has nowhere to go. A better choice is either wood or simply dirt or clay. Both wood and earthen floors allow for absorbing the urine, although depending on the type of dirt, it can become muddy eventually.

Use Rubber Horse Stall Mats

Invest in stall mats. Not only are they better for your horse's hooves and legs because they provide cushioning, they will save you money on hay and other types of bedding. Because they are rubber, they can easily be hosed down, with the much draining out and away from your horses. This makes the time it takes to muck the stalls and keep them clean much less than if you had no rubber horse stall mats in place and had to sweep. Be sure to get interlocking rubber mats that piece together like a jigsaw puzzle. This will keep them in place better. You will only need to occasionally remove them and do a thorough cleaning underneath before putting back in their place.

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