Preparing Your Life For Floor Removal

If you've got an old tile or vinyl floor that is begging for replacement, scheduling its removal is no doubt a relief. However, removing a floor (especially hard tile) can be a messy, noisy job, and you've got to be sure your home is prepared. The steps here are straightforward and will help you maintain some sort of order during the work. Once that old floor is out, you can get your nice, new flooring in quickly and see your home sparkle.

Restrain Pets

Not only can pets get in the way in the room that needs work, but they can attack workers out of fear and end up cowering, themselves, from all the noise. If the doors in your home have to be left open for ventilation or because workers are bringing in equipment, a pet that's loose can run away, too.

When you know what days the workers will be at your home, bring your pet to work or place it in a day kennel. If there's a room that won't be touched and that is across the house from the rooms with the old flooring, you could place the pet in there if it isn't too freaked out by loud noises.

What's the Schedule?

In the days before the work is scheduled to begin, move everything out of the rooms that will have their floors removed. If any of these are bedrooms, remove items the night before; talk to the floor removal company about working on those specific rooms first. Also set up a temporary kitchen if needed; do not assume that you'll be able to use your kitchen as usual if it's one of the rooms targeted for work. Depending on how long the job takes, the kitchen could be out of commission for a couple of days, longer if there's a lot of hard, stuck tile that needs to be chipped away.

Planning Home Security

You or someone from your household should be home during the days when workers are over. However, one person may not be able to cover multiple rooms and doors. Ensure workers close and lock doors that they are not using and that aren't attended; in other words, once they've brought in their equipment, for example, they need to close and lock the door.

Security also means ensuring your house remains safe from general problems. If the kitchen will be undergoing work and you have a gas stove and oven, you may want to shut off the gas just in case. For easy jobs, like old vinyl being peeled up, you might not need to go that far. But if there will be a lot of chipping away, hammering, and other fairly intense work, it may be best to shut off the gas just in case.

Talk to a floor removal company about what they will need you to do, too. They should be able to give you a list of things to take care of to further get ready for the work.

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