Three Examples Of Commercial Floor Drain Usage And How To Apply Them To Your Chemical Company

Commercial floor drains serve many different purposes. It might not occur to you how they could benefit your liquid chemical production company, so a few examples might help you envision this better. The following examples are three of the most common uses of commercial floor drains.

Slaughter Houses

Slaughtering animals for meat means that a lot of blood, urine, feces and bile has to go somewhere. In the process of cutting up animals, all of this mess, as well as the rinsing and disinfecting agents used, land on the floor and head down to the floor drains. Below the floor drains are tanks to catch the "leavings" as well as the other fluids and chemical agents. The solids are separated from the liquids, and the liquids are sent onward to a water sanitation plant. The solids are processed via an animal waste recycling company. Without these floor drains, there would be quite an awful mess, several more work-related accidents from slipping and falling on "leavings," and a stench so foul it would not be healthy for anyone in the plant.

Commercial Car Washes

Commercial car washes use monumental amounts of water and cleaners. Because cars cannot be submerged in a tub for cleaning, everything drips to the concrete below. Car washes are designed to have banked drive-through areas so that all the soap, cleansers, water, and splatters head straight into a floor drain. By comparison, your liquid chemical company is not that different, since all of the spilled chemicals would wash down the drain and collect in a holding tank.

Auto Body Shops

Auto body shops drain vehicle fluids, fill fluids, and detail cars. All of that vehicle liquid has to go somewhere, which is why auto body shops also have floor drains. Additionally, auto body shops may also have oil changing pits, which are giant holes in the floor where the mechanics can get under a vehicle and drain fluids. Oil may be recycled, or it may be disposed of according to federal and state laws. Other fluids may be flushed down the floor drains.

How Floor Drains Apply to Your Liquid Chemical Company

Producing liquid chemicals is not unlike many of the industries in the examples above. You are creating products that consumers can use. If there is a spill of one or more of those chemicals, they need to be removed from the factory floor to reduce work-related injuries. If they are chemicals that should not be mixed, all the more reason to dilute them with water from above and flush them down the commercial floor drains.

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