The Four Best Types of Flooring for Apartment Owners

The first thing most excited new homeowners want to do is renovate. Condominiums are no different. But there are certain types of consideration that an apartment owner needs to make when it comes to the types of renovations that they're doing. Apart from AOAs that may specify specific types of flooring, there are also types of floor that are best suited to apartments. 

1. Carpet

Carpet remains one of the most common choices for apartment owners: it's cheap, easy to replace, comfortable, and stylish. The thicker the padding, the better the sound absorption will be, but be aware that a thick padding will also cause your carpet to wear out faster (and it will be more expensive). When choosing carpeting, apartment owners should choose a carpet that will withstand wear in addition to being comfortable. Stain resistant carpets are particularly durable. 

2. Cushioned Linoleum

Cushioned linoleum is both comfortable and sound-absorbent. It is a favorite for those who intend on later renting out their spaces, because linoleum is both very cheap and very easy to repair and replace. Other linoleum options are also available, but may still create too much sound within an apartment. Linoleum today is very advanced and can accurately replicate wood grain patterns and tile.

3. Cork

Cork flooring comes in both planks and tiles and is very desirable for new, modern spaces. Available in a variety of patterns and colors, cork flooring has the advantage of being water-resistant and naturally cushioned. Cork floors are especially recommended in areas that might require a lot of standing, such as kitchens.

4. Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is able to replicate the appearance of either wood or stone floors without many of the downsides. Vinyl planks are able to absorb sound, last a long time, and are very easy to maintain. This is the best flooring option for those who want the appearance of more luxurious flooring but don't want to have to maintain it over time. Another advantage: vinyl plank is very easy to install on your own.

So what types of flooring aren't recommended for apartment dwellers? If you're on the ground floor, you're free from many noise issues -- but if you aren't, you usually want to avoid the loud sounds associated with tile. Many apartment owners also avoid hardwoods; a single flood from an apartment above you, and the wood could be damaged forever.

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