Hardwood Or Laminate Flooring?

If you're looking to remodel your home or invest property, it's important to consider your return on invest (ROI) before spending your remodeling funds.  One of the upgrades that's sure to provide the biggest bang for your remodeling dollars is flooring.

Here's a quick guide to help you understand your best flooring options:

One or More Floors?

The first thing to consider when considering new flooring options is how many flooring types you want to canvas your home.


Choosing one flooring option has many benefits.

  • Buying one type of flooring type in larger quantities can help you command a better price.
  • Sticking with one flooring type can create continuity throughout your home, which can be particularly effective in smaller condo, apartment, or studio spaces.
  • The cost of labor and/or installation can be cheaper as less cutting and sections will be required to complete the project.


Choosing multiple flooring options is the most common and practical for standard family homes.

  • Integrating multiple flooring options allows you choose the right type of floor for each room's aesthetic and purpose.
  • Choosing multiple flooring options can help you steal deals on remainder quantities of flooring types that are too small for most bigger projects.
  • Having multiple flooring types can help you extend the life of your floors, particularly in high traffic and potentially messy areas like kitchens and hallways.

Flooring Types: Laminate or Hardwood

Whether you're choosing one flooring type throughout your home or multiple options, here are just a few of the pros and cons of the two most common flooring types used in remodeling projects.

Hardwood: the classic flooring choice is hardwood. Hardwood come in a variety of plank sizes and types. From pine, to cedar, to oak, to cherry wood, there are hardwood flooring options for just about every home. When considering hardwood flooring options, it's important to consider the grain and stain of the wood. Make sure the contracting professional has finished samples to show you before you commit to purchasing and installing the floors.

  • Pros
    • Durability: hardwood floors, particularly those fabricated from woods like oak and cedar are among the most durable flooring options available.
    • ROI: hardwood floors recoup some of the highest ROI of any flooring option.
  • Cons
    • Cost: hardwood floors are consistently the most expensive flooring option.
    • Maintenance: hardwood floors, particularly those fabricated from softer woods like pine can scratch easily and may require re-finishing and re-staining periodically.
    • Noise: hardwood floors can create an echo chamber that projects noise throughout your home.

Location: hardwood flooring is perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.

Laminate: one of the most popular flooring options today, laminate flooring can provide many of the aesthetic qualities of other flooring options but at a fraction of the price.

  • Pros
    • Durability: laminate flooring is stain and scratch resistant. A properly installed laminate floor can last decades without maintenance or repair.
    • Cost: laminate flooring is among the most cost-effective flooring options.
    • Aesthetic: laminate flooring can be manufactured to mimic hardwood, tile, cork, stand stone, or virtually any flooring product available.
  • Cons
    • ROI: laminate flooring has a substantially lower ROI than hardwood floors.
    • Noise: laminate flooring can also project acoustics throughout your home.

Location: laminate flooring can be used throughout your home. However, you may want to choose multiple types of laminate flooring types to suit each room's purpose and style.

Among the safest invests in today's competitive business markets remain residential properties. When you invest in a home it's all about accruing equity the property. New flooring can provide you with a more comfortable and stylish home while you generate a stable ROI.

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