Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors: Steps To Take

When it comes to home repair jobs of the DIY variety, there are a number of things that might immediately pop into your mind: replacing your plumbing, redecorating a bedroom or dining space, or refurbishing a bathroom. However, you might not think of refinishing your hardwood floors to breathe new life into your home. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of a few steps that you need to take when refinishing your hardwood floors.

Prepping the Room

Before you get started on the room itself, there are a number of things you need to do. Doing so will make sure that you will not make a huge mess and will also help you take precautions against damaging valuables that are present in your room.

First and foremost, you will have to remove everything from the room. You can't very well work on your floor with things sitting on top of it, can you? Then, it is imperative that you cover all of the light fixtures, electrical outlets and vents with plastic. The last thing you want is for bits of debris to become stuck in them. Make sure that the plastic is sealed with electrical tape or masking tape.

Remove All Of The Shoe Molding

Prior to work on your hardwood floors, make sure to remove all of the shoe molding. Baseboards do not have to be replaced. However, if you are planning on replacing the baseboards in addition to refinishing your hardwood floors, now is the time to properly remove them from their current home. If there is any debris or dust present during this process, remove it, as this can cause a huge problem for you later down the road.


Make sure that the floor is completely clean before you begin the sanding process. Begin sanding process in the center of the room and work your way outward from there. You will want to use a drum sander and 120 grit sand paper to begin the process. Ensure that you are smoothly sanding the area down and make sure you don't go over each area again past 1 to 2 inches. It's important to work quickly during the sanding process and not worry about spending too much time on one area. In fact, you shouldn't spend too much time on one area, as you can rub through the floor into the subfloor. Switch to a hand or edge sander after you have completed sanding the majority of the floor in order to reach those areas that the drum could not.


Cleaning is a big process of the finishing process. It's time to use a vacuum to suck up all of the debris and shaving that sanding left in its wake. After you have vacuumed, make sure that you use a dry towel to clean up any rogue bits of dust and debris that were left behind. At this point, you will want to apply a wood conditioner to the floor. The wood conditioner penetrates the grains of the wood, giving the seal and finish a smoother look. This is absolutely essential if you are refinishing a soft wood like pine, as otherwise your refinish job might turn out quite uneven.

Stain and Seal

Make sure that you adequately shake your stain before applying it to the wood. Staining and sealing is usually the easiest part of refinishing your wood floors. Make sure that you apply the stain evenly and smoothly in order to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing application. Apply the seal using the same process.

Refinishing your wood floor can be a relatively painless process. However, if you feel like you can't refinish your hardwood on your own you should contact professional hardwood floor refinishers for more info or to do the job for you. 

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